Saving money on a plant-based/vegan diet!

I of all people know that having a budget can make grocery shopping that little bit more of a chore. One preconception I had before becoming vegan was that it was too expensive I could never afford it on my student budget! But I was wrong, the only way you will go over budget is buying the things you don’t really need, so here is how I save money on a plant-based diet.

Stick to whole foods

The more something has been processed the more expensive it will be. Wholefoods are also the healthiest foods for you so it wont just help your wallet !

Buying in bulk

For grains, seeds, beans and pasta and other cupboard supplies many people recommend that you buy in bulk, it works out cheaper in the long run and its less worry. This one can be a little more difficult if you don’t have a specific meal plan, as you don’t know how much you are going to eat but practice makes perfect. Don’t forget to check the price per kilogram!


Meal planning

I recommend, if you are on a budget, to draw up a weekly meal plan. This way you know exactly what you are going to eat, how much and when, and you can only buy what you need rather than guessing.


Fancy foods

I guess this is an obvious one to avoid, but they cost more, I know they satisfy your cravings and they just taste so nice but they aren’t healthy for your budget and yourself. sometimes sacrifices have to be made, I’m sorry.

Check the sales

there may be a fancy food or something organic on there, for super cheap. they are usually good for a little while longer after their sell by date so don’t worry. If you are worried you can always pop it in the freezer until you want to use it. Most supermarkets sell products that are close to the end of its shelf life toward the end of the day. But beware of the ‘BOGOF’, it might be a good deal, but only buy what you need.


Buy more frozen

There is no doubt that frozen foods can be cheaper, and they last longer too! Buy things like frozen greens and other veggies, although you can’t always to that with some produce i suggest doing it as often and as much as can fit in your freezer.

Own brand only

Supermarkets tend to have their own brand when it comes to food, for example, Tesco’s Everyday Value, and ASDA’s Smart Price. These brands sell pastas, beans, etc, super cheap and most are over 50% cheaper than most named brands.

Meal Prep

This is an easy way similar to, and can be used with, a meal plan. You can cook and prepare your food for the next few days and keep it in the fridge/ freezer until you want to use it, Saving time and money. You can get Tupperware boxes real cheap and they come in handy for this trick. You can get help with any of these tips from all over the internet! This picture is from Cheap Lazy Vegan’s youtube channel.


Don’t waste

If you have a really tight budget you can save leftovers for another meal so you don’t have to use up whats in your cupboards a second time.


Maybe try your weekly shop at another supermarket to see where you can get things for a little less because even if its just 50p cheaper per product, it all adds up!

Wholesalers and farmers markets

A wholesalers is a great way to get your bulk items on the cheap and the local farmers market is the same for fresher food like fruit and veg. Plus you’re supporting local and small businesses at the same time.


I hope this helps guys,

And remember you are beautiful,

Hakuna Matata!


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