sh*t vegans have to deal with

This post is a result of me coming to the end of my wit. I have recently gone vegan and when I tell people that I probably cannot eat what they’re going to cook because of the fact that I’m vegan I kind of get dirty looks and comments about my ethics (sometimes they’re just out of the blue). So here is my list of the comments I often receive from non-vegans and what my response is to them. Sorry if I start to rant 🙂


“But its only natural for humans to eat meat”

I often get told this along with “we’ve hunted animals all through our evolution” or “we need the protein” or “lions hunt for meat so why cant we” 1.This is a load of completely made up, nonsensical bull spouted from a race that has conditioned themselves into believing for centuries to think that the meat and dairy industry is a necessary evil. 2.In  fact its the complete opposite, we need very much less protein than we think we need and we need more plant material to survive. there are multiple plant sources that have much more protein per serving than a serving, the same size, as meat. 3.It has been shown that regular ingestion of meat can significantly reduce the life expectancy and increase the chance of debilitating diseases. Our bodies aren’t physically designed for a carnivorous diet, fact. Our teeth are not that of a carnivore and our jaws are characteristic of that of a herbivore. The human intestine is the same ratio of the herbivore, the evidence just piles up!

Want more? more check this out:

For the lions argument, the One thing that separates us humans from lions(apart from the fact that our bodies are different) is our morality I often reply with “even if it was natural to eat meat, does that make it right, does that make it just to torture and kill in the way we do? No.”

“So if its not natural, why do we crave meat”

The simple answer is, because that’s what we’ve conditioned our minds to believe is food and is what is good for us. its the same as any other addiction, you will get withdrawals and crave it, because our ‘reptilian complex’ or ‘primitive brain’ is convinced that meat and dairy is what we need we crave it, when in fact our rational brain knows otherwise.

“but i love meat/cheese, I couldn’t give it up”

Oh really? so how about you go and kill your dog, and hack it up, and have yourself a nice puppy roast, or milk your cat and make cheese with it. But that’s not acceptable huh? so why is it acceptable to forcibly impregnate a cow and as soon as she gives birth, drag her child away and grind up baby boys alive, just because they are boys… all because you don’t want to give it up?

“But the bible says…”

The bible also says that we should kill gays and teaches racism and to kill practising witches on sight. Your argument is invalid.

“They don’t feel pain”

Are You Serious? Animals have been legally classified as sentient beings since 1822! and just to clarify, sentience is defined by the capacity to perceive, experience and FEEL emotion and pain.

“I am vegan, but its rude to inconvenience others especially when dining with them”

Wow, It must be excruciating to live in a world of abject fear of what others think of you, you hypocritical narcissist.

“we are no different from animals, we need to eat meat too!”

Referring to my earlier point, you would be fine if I dropped you in the middle of the Sahara and with no weapons and your deadly teeth and fingernails and see how you do? or If I strung you up by your ankles and anally electrocuted you and skinned you alive, or took away your new born baby and killed him, letting you run after the truck which has his carcass in the back only to grind him up the bits I can’t eat and put them into pet food? that’s all fine though, were no different from them.

“People have being doing it for millions of years”

Oh, I’m sorry, your grace, I didn’t realise you are immortal and where there! just because enough people did it a million years ago, doesn’t excuse the behaviour are torture we see today. Oh, it does? so by your logic rape and murder is completely acceptable? because People have being doing that for millions of years too.

“Veganism is a little extreme don’t you think?”

No, I think everything I’ve just mentioned is extreme

“If everyone went vegan, there wouldn’t be enough plants to feed everyone”

  1. It takes up to 17x more plant food to feed the animals you eat, and 50x more water, than it does to sustain a humans directly…
  2. the land used for raising the animals for slaughter takes up 30% of the whole of the earths land mass, now I can think of better ways to use that land, cant you
  3. If we used the land we use for animal farming to grow crops we would have enough food to feed every human on the planet 2 times over, in just one harvest.

“if you were marooned on a desert island with nothing but a pig and a knife…”

Ahh, the ‘I have no other points to make so I’m going to question your morals in the context of survival’ argument. Most vegans would rather starve to death, but you wouldn’t get the point behind that. So, the fact of the matter is, you are comparing the killing of one animal, so that one person can live for a few extra weeks, to the murdering and torturous ways of the massacre that is the meat ad dairy industry that only kill animals for convenience (or hunters for sensory pleasure)  and is detrimental to the planet by significantly contributing to global warming, deforestation, the water crisis, many types of pollution, ocean ‘dead zones’, habitat loss, extinction of species and world hunger… if this is even an excusable question to you, my friend, you are an ignorant twit who needs to realise what is is all about before attempting to debate the subject let alone question someones morals.

“why do you care so much, what about us humans?”

*facepalm* Has anything I’ve been saying even registered in that teeny head of yours, or do you just have a superiority complex ?

“All vegans are preachers or crazy activists”

“all carnists are cruel heartless, psychopaths that pay their hard earned money to have someone murder a living being and wrap up their flesh and menstruation in neatly wrapped packages for them and have no consideration for anyone other than themselves”

Aha! I too can throw shade at you by generalising a group of people that follow the same way of life as you… that’s like saying all Muslims are terrorists… no, just stop.

“I only eat organic and humane products”

the “product” as you call it still gets slaughtered in the same way, the better the ANIMAL is treated in life the more of a betrayal it becomes when you kill it. There is no humane way to slaughter something.

“Poor plants!”

  1. plants do not have a nervous system or any kind of structure that feels pain and are insentient. Come back to me hen you can prove to me that a carrot feels pain and suffers and I will rethink things.
  2. As I said before, I eat less plants than what is in the food that feeds your burger.

“So, you are eating all the animals’ food, poor animals”

I’m going to Ignore the sarcy tone that came with that statement and stick to the fact that even though more plants are used to feed animals than humans, the food that we give to farm animals is mostly ground up bits of other animals that were deemed ‘undesirable’ or ‘spent’ and all the bits that we don’t want to eat or wont make a profit, with arses and excrement thrown in for good measure. So don’t even start.

“Animals aren’t people so why should I care?”

Do you have any morals what so ever how about we step out of the 18th century and into the 21st… thanks.

“But I’m and athlete”

Do some research… geez, we will discuss this when you have properly educated yourself.

“I travel too much, its too much hassle

If you have a set of morals that you believe in, don’t be lazy, take them with you! to don’t have to pack them or pay extra for the luggage allowance, trust me!

“Dairy doesn’t kill”

Nope, your right there. But it does exploit her for or reproductive ability and ensures she will be raped many times and will be pregnant for the entirety of her shortened life and killed when she becomes disabled because her body has given out from exhaustion, because she cannot make a profit any more, combined with a life of emotional torture and going horse from screaming so much from having her babies kidnapped and sometimes killed in front of her… that’s so mush better than dying…

“Vagans are unhealthy and don’t get what they need”

Again, educate yourself for me, we’ll talk later.

“But the economic consequences…”

Finally, a more valid argument, but still, if every farm turned themselves into a sanctuary we would have create enough jobs to sustain the world’s economy for 100+ years, not to mention the fact that the US government alone pumps 38 billion dollars into the meat industry each year! imagine the multitude of ways that money could be spent differently.

“vegans are self-righteous”

Even if I was, I’d rather that than a hypocrite.

“It’s my culture”

I hate to burst your bubble, but your culture or religion do not define or affect your choices and morals.

“what I eat is my personal choice”

So you’re saying if you payed for child to be raped, then its okay because that’s your personal choice? since when did your rights take precedence over anyone else’s? when another being is affected by your ‘choice’ it is not personal.

“One person cant change it”

wow, you really don’t even want to listen do you…


well, that was long, and if you are still with me, sorry for the attitude guys and if there was any mistakes, but I really needed to get that out there. The moral of the story is don’t bring someone down because of something they believe in, even if ‘it’s just banter’ because to them it isn’t. For more facts on animal farming, with out the gruesome stuff check this out:

also check out Bite Size Vegan and Gary Yourofsky on YouTube for more facts

remember, you are beautiful

Hakuna Matata.


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