Why I went Vegan

I had been asking myself for a while, weather I should go vegan. I had been vegetarian for a year and two months (thanks to my boyfriend for converting me) with the intention of going vegan eventually but at the end of 2016 I thought to myself, ‘why have I not gone vegan yet?’

The simple answer was that I was making excuses and being lazy with it. I would always put it off and say that “it’s too expensive” or “there aren’t enough vegan options where I live” when in actual fact, it was fear and my own ignorance that was stopping me. I didn’t know enough about veganism, so, I did my research and looked in to what others did and how it not only effects themselves but it can help local businesses and farms and reduce your carbon footprint. Also I found that there where a lot of option for me around here i live even if its not very common as people are becoming a lot more accepting of other peoples beliefs, that there are so many alternatives and that I can get everything I need without having but kill an animal.

So I decided to join a Go Vegan Challenge in the January, mine was a 30 day challenge and I would see how my body (and my purse) coped. At the end of the 30 days I had noticed a huge difference in myself, not only was I feeling better, I had so much more energy and was no longer tired all the time, but I found that if I did it right that I was actually saving money and loosing a little bit of weight too (bonus!). I now buy locally sourced fruit and vegetables where possible, and I have broken my fussy eating habits and helped raise awareness in my social groups.

Being the only vegan in my family and friends is hard! I often get “don’t be silly”,”it’s just a phase”, “but you can still eat eggs right?”and I’m asked “why on earth would you do that?” and my answer is always “I wouldn’t kill the dog for food so why does that give me the right to kill any other animal, or even ask someone else to do it for me and wrap it up in a nice and neat package so that I don’t have to see how it got there (ignorance really is bliss), it is my prerogative to chose what I put into my body.just like it is yours. I disagree with these industries therefore I will not endorse and encourage them by putting money into it.” and then they say “well one person isn’t going to stop it, the cows get slaughtered anyway!” then I usually just face palm and walk away because they’ve just completely missed my point. Also I get a lot of assumptions that I’m a ‘crazy vegan’ (I put quotation marks around this as I think that no one is truly crazy for standing up for what they believe in) and I’m going to start trying to convert them or shouting murder at them, when that is just not the case.

But, I’ve gone off on a tangent, back to the point, yes it is a struggle and there may even be a lot of hate and passive aggressive jokes, but the pros far outweigh the cons. I have been vegan for two months now, I am still finding my way and have a few more ropes to learn but I can now live contently in knowing that no animals where harmed in anyway because of my consumer wants, and I’m healthier and happier for it.


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