Top 10 pet tips

Weather you have a cat, a dog or even a gerbil it is important to keep your pet healthy and not just physically. These are my top ten tips for keeping your pet stimulated.

  • Agility training

If you dog has his or her basic training down and has too much energy then maybe try agility training. These courses are set up so that a dog will not be able to complete it without its owner. It helps improve on basic training helping your dogs intelligence, the dog has to listen to the owner thus helping the bond between you and your dog but most importantly it’s fun! so it keeps your dog exercised properly both physically and mentally.


  • Me time!

In a multi-animal household it is important that there is enough space for each to get away and have their privacy, we all like our me time no matter how well we get along.


  • keeping them occupied

Before you go off to work leave some dry food or treats hidden around the house for your pet to find while your out. This also works with toys, which ever works best for your pet.

  • Toys can be expensive!

Instead maybe make your own toys. If your the creative type this is the tip for you! You can use anything you can find around the house like a cardboard box with a few holes cut out or knitting a teddy

  • Play time is crucial

This goes for all types of pets from canine to reptilian, play time when the pet is young helps them get used to smells, sounds and petting making them less aggressive or reclusive in the future. Also if your pet nervous, in new surroundings (this bit’s for dogs) like the park or a new house, playtime can be a good way to teach the pet that nothing bad will happen and that this is a safe place. This is also a good way to bond with older or rescued animals.

  • Large hutches and cages

Animals like rabbits, hamsters and birds need a lot of space. for rabbits and hamsters they need exercise and stimulation outside of their home.So if you’re keeping them in a hutch or cage designate an area for them, with lots of toys, to run free for an hour or two a day. In the case of birds it is a little more difficult if you don’t trust them to get back into their cage when instructed, in this case you need to buy the biggest cage you can possibly afford, they should at least be able to stretch out their wings and glide within the cage. Also fill it with toys and scratching posts help keep claws and beaks from getting too sharp.

  • Any attention is good attention.

To a dog, even if you are telling it off, it will still register this as attention, especially in the training phase. As a rule, if your dog is misbehaving, ignore it. The dog will then realise that this behaviour will not get it what it wants and that good behaviour gets it praise and affection and even treats so it will misbehave less and do the things we want more.

  • Hot and cold

If you live in an area where it gets really hot in the summer then be careful here you walk your dog as asphalt can get very hot and can burn the pads on their paws! This also goes for places that get extremely cold, dogs can get frostbite too! so if you do live in one of these areas do some research on how to prevent these thing happening and ho to help if it does.

  • Tailor-made

some animals can be very picky with food or have dietary requirements like us, so i suggest visiting websites like, along with others, where you can decide exactly what goes into your pets food and theses can also help with keeping your dog at a healthy weight

  • To buy or to rescue?

Personally I would say to rescue and animal as they have so much to offer and its  so much more rewarding, all my pets have been rescued and I couldn’t have asked for more, so please if you are wanting a pet consider a rescue animal. But if you want to buy an animal from a breeder please do your research. Make sure that the breeder is registered and has all the paper work to prove it and view the animal with its parents before you buy to make sure it is of proper age to leave the mother and has been cared for correctly.

Those where my top ten tips for pets I hope this helped ! P.S. always get your pet micro-chipped ! its quick, cheap and pain free for a lifetime of security

Remember you are beautiful

Hakuna Matata



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