The Attenborough Treasure

well… where to begin, there are so many people that I idolise; slash the ULTIMATE GUITAR GOD OF GODNESS from Guns ‘n’ Roses and varied Disney princesses, Kurt Cobain and Mumford & Sons, My Mom… there are so many to choose from, but for me, one person tops them all…

And that is, as you can guess by the title, Sir David Frederick Attenborough OM CH CVO CBE FRS FLS FZS FSA kt, if you want to use his full title, but for now ill just call him David. (wow that’s a lot of letters after your name !!!)

wasn’t he a handsome young chap !

Fun Fact:

David is the only person to have won BAFTAs for programmes in black and white, colour, HD, and 3G television And CGI  !!! who can top that… no one! but this is no competition

He has accomplished so much in his time on this planet. and it is his love for this planet that made that so. I almost envy, in fact really envy his extensive list of places he’s been too, corals he’s dived, mountains he’s scaled, jungles he’s explored and the amazing flora and fauna he’s seen, some where even named after him.. how awesome would that be !oh my

David and his work just inspire, take those day when you just shouldn’t have got out of bed I can just loose myself in his life when I read his autobiography or I could pop one of his DVDs and be whisked away to a wonderland of perpetually life-renewing adventure and end up engrossed at the telly like Jane Porter


and its his passion for that wonder and curiosity, the future that I really idolise him and why he’s my inspiration. David said in an interview with the Sunday Times that he was always being asked where he gets his passion for the wild world and he always replies “how did you ever loose yours” he also likens it to childlike wonder but that doesn’t mean its childish, it was that spark of “what’s out there” and he just had to find out.

It all started for a little David in Leicestershire, when he came a cross a limestone Jurassic ridge full of little Brachiopods and Ammonites ready for him to crack open and be the first person to ever see it, which he found romantic,

Which is where he learned basic taxonomy and it spiralled  from there, he presented Zoo Quest in the 50’s as a young man showing soft cuddly animals to unveiling the new unnamed titanosaur in Patagonia, woah !! and its with that passion he (90 years old by the way) goes in a submersible more than 1000 ft below at the great barrier reef and climbs mountains to add to his vast thirst for knowledge to share with us and epic collection of things like fossils and artefacts and art, and he is particularly interested in the tribal side of human life! with an extensive tribal art collection and even had a book made to hight light this.


He adds a lot of insight about the ecosystems and how we as humans fit in that world he is a big face in the fight against global warming !

But the thing I like about him most is he’s trustworthy he has earned the trust and hearts of he British people  and he has been rewarded accordingly yet he is very modest about it he doesn’t see himself as a national treasure because even in his tenth decade on planet earth he still has much more to give. It has been a lifelong dream to meet him, one day I might but for now.

So that’s why you are my idol David. ever the optimistic, ever just as curious, ever just as great, ever just yourself


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