I don’t like Rogue one

OK, Hold up! WHAT? but you’re a starwars fan? whilst that is true (but I’m no expert) and while it was fun to watch the alliance finding out about the death star and not think it was possible, I was disappointed with the spin off. (warning potential spoilers)

While the story arc was OK and there wasn’t flaws everywhere, the flaws that where there are huge for me and affected what I took away from the film, the following is simply my opinion. Let me know what you think in the comments section

The build up: there was so much hype about rogue one that I was disappointed when I watched it. I feel that a lot of fans, that I know personally, loved the film simply because it was a starwars film or the fact that it had characters from the original trilogy and didn’t truly look at the film or want to admit its faults.

Darth Vader: he’s not what he used to be despite the fat that the Vader we see in Rogue one is right before we see him in a new hope and yet he seems so different, why? yes, it’ll be a different actor but that shouldn’t change the characters aptitude! It’s just kind of a buzz kill, its the whole Yoda and Count Dooku fiasco all over again.

The animation: while I understand that animating a human still has far to go but the special effects where far from the level we have today, Princess Leia and Grand Moff Tarkin where all but good and even off putting, if anything they looked more robotic and plastic then I personally have seen in any recent movie, its like the animation idea was too expensive for their budget.

The film itself: there was way to much excitement going on, But that’s a good thing right? No, so much so that it almost overtook the dramatic climax of a new hope and watching them in chronological order kinda make a new hope a bit ‘meh’ (Oh, the treachery) but that fact that the film making back in the day where not on par with modern day techniques make the attempted flow between the two movies slightly jarring. Also I feel that there was too much fighting and action going on for one movie whereas in the previous films there has been a lot of backstory which the the best part of the franchise in my opinion, in Rogue one there is a small piece of background on Jyn but not enough to make any of the characters interesting enough for me to want to know more. There was so much planet hopping and character introductions in the first half an hour that is was hard to keep track of while the film relentlessly pushed onward, so much so that by the time we reached Jedha I could hardly remember where we’d been!

The cameos: while these are amusing to look for I can’t help but feel like they are just shoved in there just for the sake of it.

In summary, my gut feeling is telling me that there’s just something missing, for me it doesn’t portray what makes the franchise great, I’ve watched most of the movies countless times but I don’t feel the need to watch this one a second time as I wouldn’t be that interested. Despite this, Rogue One was a good movie with a great concept I just believe it could have been executed in a better manner.


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