Dealing with stress

Well… here I am at 3 am listening to Vivaldi’s four seasons thinking about the day a head and that I really should sleep otherwise I’ll be stressed in the morn. we all get stressed from time to time, some of us even daily. Me? I’m a stress head I’m always stressing, and its not just the big things like college and work etc. it’s the tiniest things like why brushing my hair is a nightmare. So a person that is so stressy needs their down time to process the happenings of the day and to calm themselves, but in modern life there’s no time for proper meditation or chilling out, and when there is we sit in front of the television or games console wasting the time away mindlessly (I’m guilty of it too) and that’s okay in moderation but this does not allow out brains time to process the day as it needs. So here are my ways of de-stressing then some little things you can do for as little as minutes to help you chill and your worries float away.

  1. Meditation

Its not as bad as you think, just give it ago. It is no longer just for monks in the Tibetan highlands sat with their legs in the lotus position (unless you like that then go ahead) that’s not for me. Meditation is not about breathing exercises and positions, its about allowing our body and mind to be in thoughtless awareness of the world we live in. Our minds are constantly chugging away, the incessant activity can not be stopped but it can work in a calm way, meditation can be done when your washing the pots or cleaning the car or layed in bed awake at night. Its all about not focusing not thinking just taking in the world around you. The noises, just listen, don’t wonder where they come from or who made them. The colours, just see them, don’t wonder what the flower is called or where the sun is. The smells, just take them in, don’t wonder what it tastes like, you see?


There you can spend as much time as you like meditating weather it be and hour or your spare five minutes in your lunch break at work, its really easy. There are also apps if you struggle that give a guided meditation and track your meditation for you, my favourite is headspace

2. Yoga

this is similar to meditation but instead this is about connecting with your body and forgetting what’s been happening and listening to your body as you stretch and flowing with your breathing, feeling the tension on your muscles when you bend as if it was the stress of the day and then releasing it as you exhale and let it go, stretching helps relieve muscle tension so you are also getting rid of physical stress.


This is good for the more sporty people, where going to the gym and working out isn’t relaxing, perhaps go to a yoga class at your local gym after you work out to wind down. But you can do it in your own home if you prefer, I know I don’t like the gym and would rather do it at home, I like to do it before bed.

3. Music

we all know music is a powerful thing, for me the best music to chill to is classical( I know it’s odd coming from a 19 year old metal head but it is true) it really does work if you really listen to the specific intricate parts of the piece and you can really get into it, I find the best time to do this is in bed right before your about to go to sleep I recommend Vivaldi and Mozart.


Music can also change the way we see other people emotions and help boost creativity(at moderate volumes), improve motor and reasoning skills, classical music can help visual attention. here’s the science behind it;

And here’s some tips for lowering stress in less then five minutes;

4. Go for a walk

Take in your surroundings of the city go for a countryside hike and get some fresh air or hacking with a horse and chilling with it as you walk.

5. Eat chocolate!

I know ! it actually does help. Small doses of chocolate helps to regulate your cortisol levels (the stress hormone).

6. Chew gum

A few minutes of chewing gum can reduce your anxiety levels and lower cortisol levels.

7. Cold water

Dripping cold water on your wrists and behind your ears helps cool off as there are major arteries in these places so it helps the whole body.

8.Take five minutes out

Everybody needs other people but sometimes you just need some alone time to gather your thoughts and figure out what to do next then you wont feel pressured or panicked

9. Take to the stars

Lie down and look up to the stars and have a wonder, what’s out there?, how? take a look at the constellations see what you can find let your imagination free

10. Cuddles

weather it be with a loved one, a pet or a friend. cuddling someone releases oxytocin (the happy hormone) and reduces cortisol levels, pets can boost self-esteem.

Remember you are beautiful

Hakuna Matata


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